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CoVid 19 Travel Tips for Experiencing Cuba’s Magic Safely

Cuba Calling?   Corona Virus (& General Sanitation) Travel Tips for Experiencing Cuba’s Magic Safely

Travel to Cuba will eventually resume in the wake of CoronaVirus, it is an inevitability.  Cuba’s economy relies on tourism and lovers of Cuban culture are chomping at the bit already to be allowed entry, myself included.  Cuba has done an incredible job of managing the CoronaVirus outbreak and finding medicines to treat the symptoms to reduce the impact to the community.  As of May 27, the day this was written, Cuba has reported only 82 CoVid19 deaths, 1,923 cases confirmed and 1,724 recovered.  The low incidence and rapid control of CoVid makes Cuba an attractive travel destination for many people who are considering where to visit when they are able to travel freely again.  

“Cuba’s history of managing pandemics and medical crisis is solid. If you want to get a great insight into that, click here for an article that goes in depth to how Cuba has managed historically. For a small country, Cuba has been leading on their treatment regimen with over 20 different medications, most notably the infamous Interferon Alpha 2B, that they have been using to treat Covid and a community based approach that has kept them with much lower death and transmission rates than many countries.”  (READ MORE)

Still, in the back of everyone’s mind when they start to think about traveling again, there is apprehension and some fear about the chances of catching CoVid in transit or on the ground.  Travelers have legitimate concerns regarding what kind of treatments they would get outside of their home country, and how they can protect themselves, and others while traveling.  Here are some very specific considerations in relation to Cuba Travel and visiting the island with safety first for both yourself and the Cuban people.

  1. Bring your masks, sanitizers and gloves as needed:  Do NOT expect to be able to purchase them in Cuba.  Cuba does not sell commercial sanitizer and they primarily use Bleech and water which can be very hard on hands.  
  2. Always carry a bottle of extra water and soap for hand washing, and if possible sanitizing wipes.  Often there is not running water available, especially in transit, on the highways to and from tourist destinations.  
  3. Bring toilet paper and wipes of some kind, as well as tissues.  Toilet paper is now more common and available on the island, but still sometimes there can be shortages, so to be safe and sanitary, carry your own.
  4. Eat and drink primarily in tourist restaurants or in your casa particular or hotel.  Street food can be prepared in sometimes challenging conditions, and the workers in the tourist restaurants are more familiar with how to prepare food for travelers to keep you safe and healthy.  
  5. Consider hiring a dedicated dance instructor if you’re taking dance classes and limit your dance partners until CoronaVirus is more under control or has a vaccine.  Dancing is part of the Cuban experience, and having one dedicated instructor who you pay to dance with you at night also will limit your exposure and provide more support for a Cuban dancer as well as more safety for you and for your dance partner.
  6. Travel by private car or taxi and avoid bus travel.  You may pay a little more, but you will greatly reduce your potential for transmission by being with a smaller group of people, and if you’re traveling with a group anyway, this is absolutely the best way to go.  The extra cost is worth the security and your driver will willingly wear a mask if requested.  
  7. Stay outdoors and keep fresh air circulating in your casa.  It is a known fact that transmission outside is much less of a problem than inside in confined spaces.  The fresh air and natural beauty of Cuba offer so much opportunity for enjoyment and relaxation.  This is the perfect time to skip the indoor venues and stay outside and enjoy your cocktails under the sky.
  8. Don’t share cocktails or drinks or cigarettes with anyone.  You may think its a nice gesture to offer your drink or cigarette to your new Cuban friend, but please DO NOT.  Cubans have had very low infection rate and their immunity is not prepared for many of the germs and viruses that travelers come with.  To protect them and you, please buy them their own drink or give them their own cigarette but do not share as this is a way to transmit other infections as well as corona such as herpes and many others.  
  9. Keep updated on traveler protocols and updates.  The Cuban government is very serious about protecting its people and they will enforce their regulations so always know before you go how to be, act and where to seek emergency care if needed.
  10. Be sure that you are well informed on your health insurance and Cuban travel insurance and what is covered, and how to manage if you are exposed.  Learn about the Cuban quarantine process, and have your friends or family  back home briefed on what to do if in some case you are exposed and put into quarantine in Cuba.  Rest assured, on the Cuban side, you will be well taken care of as a tourist.  Cuba is infamous for giving quality care to tourists and you will be in safe good hands with stable options for medications in the worst case scenario.  

Cuba will be a desirable travel destination because of its low transmission, but as travelers, we have a responsibility to also consider our impact on the country we travel to.  Do your part, do not travel if you are sick or if you suspect you have been exposed to CoVid-19.  Stay home and wait, your choice has the potential to devastate an entire nation of beautiful innocent people, so please, stay aware of your own health first before you get on the plane and do everything you can to keep Cuba and  yourself safe.

For more info on booking for your Cuba adventure when CoronaVirus allows us to travel again:  visit me here or go direct to my travel portal- www.thebreathofcubatravel.com.