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Entry Requirements and Cuba CoVid-19 Travel Update-November 15, 2020

Please Note:  Cuban nationals and foreign residents arriving at Havana airport will have their temperature checked, and must go into quarantine for 14 days in a government facility until all commercial flights have been re-established. 

Upon arrival, travelers will be transferred directly to these resorts in the Cayos, and travel will be continue to be limited to these locations only. All passengers will be subject to a COVID-19 PCR test and temperature checks.

Face masks, social distancing and CoVid Safety Protocol must be followed at all times in Cuba.  During any and all transport and transfers face masks are required, and protective eye wear is encouraged as are shields.

COVID-19 Testing Entry Requirements 

All travelers who enter Cuba will be required to take a free CoVid 19 test before leaving the airport.  Travelers will then be transported to their hotel to await the results of the CoVid test for quarantine for 24 hours. For any positive results, quarantine will be required.  For negative tests, the traveler is released to enjoy their stay in Cuba under CoVid 19 safety protocols.

Disclaimer: Traveling to Cuba during a global pandemic is not endorsed by The Breath of Cuba Travel in any way.  If you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk.  The Breath of Cuba Travel is passionate about protecting the Cuban people as well as our clients.  We are recommending our travelers to consider waiting until Cuba has stabilized more from this pandemic to protect both the Cuban people and our clients.  We are always at your service for consulting.  Current travel rules and restrictions can change without notice.  Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm any changes to travel requirements before traveling.