The Breath Of Cuba Travel


  • Be informed before you go regarding Legal Travel to Cuba for US Citizens- 2020 Guide for Americans and Cuba Travel
  • Up to Date Passport: Must be valid for one week beyond your stay
  • Airline ticket (not included in our packages)
  • Cuban visitor visa: Obtained from your airline or included in many of our packages. Please inquire.
  • Cuban emergency medical insurance: Included in the cost of your US airline ticket
  • Cash: Read our guide here related to money in Cuba  (credit and debit cards don’t work in Cuba!)
  • Checklist: Review our packing guide on what to take to Cuba

Permitted items. You can take photo and video cameras, personal DVD, PDA, CD and game devices, cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, a hair dryers, electric shavers, binoculars, radio receivers, musical instruments, and sound recording devices for personal use. If you take more than one of the above items, Cuban customs may ask if you intend to leave them on the island. If you intend to do so, duty may be charged.

If you take more than the equivalent of $5,000 USD in cash, you have to declare it or risk confiscation.

Prescription medicines must remain in their original containers with labels intact.

Prohibited items. Narcotics, explosives, pornography, anti-Cuba literature, aerial drones, stand-alone GPS devices, walkie-talkies, and items considered to be weapons.


Review our recommendations in our Packing Guide for Cuba. The page addresses climate, what to wear, suggested gifts for your new Cuban friends, medicine and hygiene.

Mosquitos and gnats are a nuisance and torment visitors normally resistant to these pests at home. Bring repellant. We suggest nontoxic citronella oil.

Is Cuba Safe?

Please take a moment to read this blog on safety in Cuba.

Cuba is considered among the safest countries in the world with a very low crime rate. However precautions with personal belongings are still necessary.  Basically, act as you would anywhere else in the world.  Be smart and you will likely not have any issues at all.  It is a rarity for travelers to have any issues on our tours.  Normal precautions include do not leave things unattended. Don’t wear expensive jewelry that will attract pickpockets, which are a growing problem. Keep cameras and handbags secure to your person at all times.

Only carry the amount of cash you need each day. We suggest no more than 100 CUC at a time. Leave the rest of your money in your hotel lockbox, along with your travel documents, valuables and passport. (Passport original is necessary to exchange money.)