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Havana is Empty-How is CoVid in Cuba

How is Cuba doing with CoVid 19?

The Breath of Cuba Travel is passionate about supporting Cuban people in any way that we can. The founder of The Breath of Cuba Travel, Cheri Shanti is an artist, writer and avid content creator and has a deep respect and appreciation for artists.  Recently, she learned of Alex’s work with his Video Blog and invited him to share content with The Breath of Cuba to educate our readers more on what’s currently happening in Cuba.  This video represents how many thousands of Cubans are feeling right now during CoVid shutdowns and travel restrictions.  The Cuban people miss us as much as we miss them.

We are advising travelers to be very cautious and be tested before going to Cuba to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Cuban people.  There have been notifications of openings, but many still say it is not certain when things will return to normal.  Rest assured, Cubans are strong and we will dance again.  Patience, perseverance and courage are Cuban norms that we all must adapt in these challenging times.

We hope you enjoy his video and know that we will be sharing more from this inspiring content creator once a month on The Breath of Cuba Vblog.