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The Cuban PenPal Project

The Breath of Cuba Travel is proud to present The Cuban Penpal Project.

This program is designed to build cultural bridges, and friendships between US citizens and Cubans.   

Maybe you will decide to teach each other new things while you share about your daily lives.  You can share and teach each other Spanish, English, music, dance, art, or just share on culture and social issues.  What you and your penpal choose is up to you.  This is a fabulous way to get to know a Cuban person and to contribute to making a huge difference in their lives and their families.

You may or may not know this but Cuba’s economy has been almost 100% based on tourism for many years.  When CoVid 19 hit Cuba, the impact economically was far more than many people can even begin to understand.  The impact psychologically has also been devastating to the people there, as it has been to all of us worldwide.

The Cuban PenPal project is an opportunity for you to make a new friend while also supporting an individual and their family in Cuba to have communications, entertainment and some relief from the isolation and psychological disconnection that they are experiencing in the void of tourism and work.

To learn more, please click here and enter your email to get specific details on the program. Upon joining, you will be matched with a Cuban who is in need of your friendship, support and companionship to get through these challenging times of CoVid 19 and the devastating impacts on their lives.   

There are so many differences in how Cuba functions and how the rest of the world functions, but one primary one is communications and access to information.  The cost of data and cell phone time is prohibitive for many Cubans.  It was a challenge before CoVid even when they were able to work full time.   Now for most of them it is impossible to keep in touch with their loved ones, or even follow the current news and global happenings.

I’ll make a very short list of a few of the major and most obvious differences in how we went through CoVid (for the most part) and what Cubans have endured going through this time.

Imagine what it might have been like for you to go through CoVid without the following and it will give you a very tiny glimpse into what CoVid has been like for the vast majority of the Cuban population.

  • Cable TV and movies
  • News
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Zoom
  • Business Opportunities
  • Talking to your friends or family on the phone
  • Car and/or transportation
  • For Havana and the cities:  Access to nature is difficult
  • Sharing on video chats
  • AC or a comfortable house with a comfortable bed, washing machines, dishwashers, etc
  • Hot water/Baths
  • Access to exercise equipment, good shoes, material items
  • Grocery stores stocked with supplies
  • Soap, Sanitizer, Paper Towels, Laundry Detergent, Baby Diapers, Tampons

What you will gain by the program is beyond what you might imagine.  Cubans are very loyal friends, and when you treat them with love and respect, you gain friendships that can last a lifetime.  They always offer a smile and wise words when you need it and they know what it is to endure tough times.  Cubans are very intuitive and cherish relationships.  You may just be surprised by how their insights and courage will show up for you in times when you need it the most.  Please join the Cuban PenPal Program, and make a difference in your life while making a huge difference in the life of a Cuban and their family.